Thank you!

Thank-you for your CD contribution! We have started receiving the CD’s and the money and I want to tell you it feels great every time I go to the mailbox. Over the last few days, I am reminded that a pair of hands with good in their heart took their gift and gave it. I wanted to share with you that I have been truly inspired by Lorelei Loveridge, who while living in the U.K. thought up this fabulous idea of how to help a man in Edmonton who needs us to step up for him and that’s what we are all doing.  I’m confident that everyone who has donated a CD has read at least something about Kent Pankow’s situation and I’m sure feels something about the injustice of it.   I hope that at the end of the day, in whatever way we help, it represents something that when given a voice grows ever bigger.  I know when I look at the world through the eyes of someone experiencing injustice I often feel paralyzed because it looks as though it goes so deep into the ways in which we treat each other on the planet. Although the systems may let us down, we care and this caring within the human spirit is alive and powerful and can move mountains.  I want to suggest that however simplistic a few words of encouragement may seem from one person, imagine the impact if all of us musicians and artists said a few words from our hearts and in turn are able to see the common good in each other and inspire those who are in positions of power to act.

So my thought is that every one of us start talking about what is going on via Facebook and start making a noise that will be heard and watch the goodness begin to make ripples that become waves.  Lets stand together! Please leave a comment and we will pass it on or here are a couple of  other links to have those conversations.

Facebook – 100 Canadian CD’s Needed Now! or  Facebook – Team Kent Pankow or  Performing Songwriters (United Worldwide)

Song written for Kent Pankow –  Broken System


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