Update – 100 CD’s from 100 Canadian Artists

April 9, 2010

A great big thank you goes out to the following Canadian Artists, your donation and your willingness to contribute is huge and we are so grateful. We ask for one more small thing and that is to keep spreading the word and take this to 100 CD’s.  On behalf of  Team Kent Pankow, Lorelei Loveridge and Quiet Evolution thank you again for your valued contribution to the event 100 Canadian CD’s NEEDED NOW… as seen on Facebook.

Contributing as of April 9, 2010:

  1. – Quiet Evolution (Edmonton) – http://quietevolution.com
  2. – Mike Rud (Vancouver) – http://mikerud.com
  3. – Anna Beaumont (Edmonton) – http://www.annabeaumont.com
  4. – Chris Wynters – http://chriswynters.com
  5. – Ian McArthur – http://reverbnation.com/ianmcarthur
  6. – Joanne Myrol – http://myrolmusic.com
  7. – Holly Wood Assassyn – http://hollywoodassassyn.net
  8. – Bill Bourne – http://billbourne.com
  9. – Greg Amundson – http://myspace.com/gregamundson
  10. – Sue Hodge – http://soundtouch.ca
  11. – Souljah Fyah – http://www.souljahfyah.com
  12. – Amber Boucher – http://www.urbandivide.org/
  13. – Jim Findlay – http://www.myspace.com/jimfindlay
  14. – Tim Lovett – http://www.thetimlovettband.com
  15. – Jay Knutson – http://canoesongs.com
  16. – Oona McOuat – http://www.oonamcouat.com
  17. – Ty Cantwell
  18. – Harpdog Brown – http://www.harpdogbrown.com/
  19. – Kyler Schogen – http://www.myspace.com/kylerschogen
  20. – Sherry-Lee Heschel-Wisor – http://www.myspace.com/happyfeaturingsherrylee
  21. – Bobby Cameron – http://www.bobbycameron.com
  22. – Monica Munro – http://www.monicamunro.com
  23. – Celtara – http://www.celtara.ca
  24. – Magnus William Burdeniuk – http://www.myspace.com/shadowblademusic
  25. – Lorraine Segato (of Parachute Club) – http://www3.sympatico.ca/getoffmydress
  26. – The CHICKAdivas – http://www.chickadivas.com
  27. – James Murdoch Band – http://www.jamesmurdochband.com
  28. – Ben Sures – http://www.bensures.com

100 CD’s from 100 Canadian Artist’s – Please Help!

April 3, 2010

This is easy and here is why!

My partner Jodi Seven and I have been following  the story of Kent Pankow and were extremely moved by this difficulty for Kent and his family.  We watched an online CTV report on Kent’s story (Man fighting brain tumor now in battle with Government) and became especially frustrated by a statement from health Minister Gene Zwozdesky as quoted “I’m very sympathetic to people who are in that situation and need help”.  Really, are we so helplessly bound by the systems that we created that common sense and compassion have no place to open doors.  I’m quite certain that if the minister of Health was experiencing Kent’s plight personally, something would have already been done.

Then we connected with a Facebook friend in Lorelei Loveridge, someone whom we’ve never met before and she asked us if we would join her in her quest to gather 100 CD’s from Canadian artists to match the 100 CD’s that she is collecting in the UK.  We want to help and hope we can count on you, the music community in Edmonton and Canada, in supporting us to organizing a concert fundraiser and to raffle off the 200 CD gift bag. Imagine all that music to add to your collection!

The Where and The How:

1. Donate a Canadian CD and $5 cash to this cause by sending it to Quiet Evolution at:

Quiet Evolution c/o Jodi and Bill
Site 204 Comp #9  RR #2
Onoway Alberta

For more information, contact Jodi or Bill of Quiet Evolution:
Email: quietevolution11@gmail.com

Phone: +780 700 2633

2. Tell others and be represented in a very personal but important cause and story. Your love will be appreciated and your music will be too.

‘Share’ this Facebook event and pass it on to others!!!  100 Canadian CD\’s NEEDED NOW!

Many thanks,

Bill and Jodi

Final Note: We want to leave you with a song  \”Broken System\” by Quiet Evolution

We want to share this with you in awareness not just to one person’s predicament but to anyone who has been frustrated by the bureaucratic systems. It can certainly drain the good will out of us but if I were to blame anyone… I would start with myself because that is the only truth in me that can make a change.
Thanks for listening and please feel free to share if you will.